Anupam Dagar

Pre final year undergraduate student at IIIT Allahabad | Full Stack Developer

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Place to contribute if you are a first timer
HoxNox - Portfolios Made Easy, Generate portfolios in 3 easy steps
Python 38 41
Python Script to visualise your facebook chat with your friend
Python 11 4
Omega is a multi functionality Zulip chat bot
Python 9 3
A react todo app using Hasura Graphql engine
JavaScript 7 3
Creates neccessary files and directories required for any front end website
Python 6 0
RESTAPI for Hotel Management System
Python 2 1
Python package to get a quote from for the specified tag.
Python 2 0
Scrap data from IMDb
Python 1 0
Using GitHub API to list user data
This repository contains all my prgrams and scripts written in Python
Python 0 0
Tri Hacker Cup is a semester long event held for the first year students of IIIT Allahabad

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.